• Song:

    Blues Never Fade Away

  • Artist:

    Elton John

Blues Never Fade Away


         Eb                      Bb
He wasn't famous but I sure did love him
             Ab                   Eb
I've got his picture in a little frame 

            Eb              Bb               Ab             Eb
He lost his life to a big disease before it even had a name 
            Fm               Bb 
But there's so many more and I've lost count
     Gm                 Cm 
The hows and whys aren't important now
         Ab                     Bb
All that matters is they came around 
     Ab                     Eb
And brightened up our lives

She was twenty one with her life ahead 
You don't need to know her name 
She breathed her last on the cold stone floor of a Hollywood arcade 
But fate's right hand isn't always just 
Puts a lot of pressure on your faith and trust 
She was just a little girl, ain't that enough 
To rage against the day 

    Ab                 Eb
And how did we get so lucky
Bb                      Cm         Cm/B
Targets on the rifle range
   Ab                  Eb
Who makes the call and who gets to choose
Bb                    Cm
Who gets to win and who gets to lose
           Ab                  Eb
It's like a rolling dice in the belly of the blues 
    G                 Cm        
And blues never fade away 
Cm/B         Ab                  Eb
Hey hey hey, colors run when the rain falls 
    G                   Cm
But blues never fade away 

He shone so bright with a lust for life 
Like the Sun King that he was 
His passions hung upon his walls and were printed onto cloth 
And for reasons I never understood 
About the choices made between the bad and good 
I've tried to figure out why
The pain never goes away 

[repeat chorus]

            G                  Cm
And there's marble markers and little white crosses 
 G               Cm             
Along the beaten path 
          Ab                Eb
And I've spread their ashes on the wind 
       Bb                 Cm
And I miss John Lennon's laugh 

[repeat chorus]
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