• Song:

    Dirty Little Girl

  • Artist:

    Elton John

  • Album:

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Ro...

D  Cmaj7

           Bm                A                G
I've seen a lot of women who haven't had much luck
              D                        A             C
I've seen you looking like you've been run down by a truck
           Bm              A                        G
That ain't nice to say sometimes I guess I'm really hard
        D                   A                    C
But I'm gonna put buckshots in your pants if you step into my yard

D  Cmaj7

When I watch the police come by and move you on
Well I sometimes wonder what's beneath the mess you've become
Well you may have been a pioneer in the trade of woman's wear
But all you got was a mop up job washing other people's stairs

(Oh she never...)

                   G                            D
I'm gonna tell the world, you're a dirty little girl
F                 C            G
Someone grab that bitch by the ears
Bm           A
Rub her down scrub her back
And turn her inside out
`Cause I bet she
   A         Em
I bet She, I Bet she
     Bm      A                    D     Cmaj7
Oh I bet she hasn't had a bath in years

Here's my own belief about all the dirty girls
That you have to clean the oyster to find the pearl
And like rags that belong to you I belong to myself
So don't show up around here till your social worker's helped
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