• Song:

    Gone To Shiloh

  • Artist:

    Elton John

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"Gone to Shiloh"
Music: Elton John
Words: Bernie Taupin
from the album "The Union" (2010)

Key: Dm

*Note - "/x" indicates a passing tone between chords


Bb   C/Bb   F/A   Bb   Gm   A/G   Dm

Dm   Bb   G/B   Csus4   C

Dm   /C   Bb

Dm   /C   Bb

[Verse 1]

Dm                           /C      Bb
Luther left us first light Friday morning
Dm                    /C     Bb
Little Dan and Becky waved goodbye
They're gonna have to share the weight together
E                       A              Dm    C
Idle hands will see a good farm slowly die


Bb                       F
Gone to Shiloh for the Union
               C      C#dim    Dm     C
Shoulder to shoulder, side by side
Bb                F    Am/E    Dm
Gone to Shiloh; hope springs eternal
       A                        Dm
When flags and bullets start to fly

[Verse 2]

Dm                               /C         Bb
April's come and the air smells fresh with rain
        Dm                     /C        Bb
They watched his shadow fade around the bend
He's headed for a different kind of thunder
           E                     A            Dm
And the stunned surprise in the eyes of dying men

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]

    Dm                          /C        Bb
The old black rooster sang him down that dirt road
     Dm                           /C    Bb
His step seemed bold, his manner fancy-free
I pray we see him alive and well in the fall here
E                        A         Dm
Than that God-forsaken place in Tennessee

[Repeat Chorus}


G/B               Gm/Bb
After all of this, if we should prevail
G/B                           A                Dm
Heaven help the South when Sherman comes their way


Dm   /C   Bb

Dm   /C   Bb


Chorded by Elliot Malpass
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