• Song:

    A Condemned Man

  • Artist:

    Elvis Costello

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Judge said, "Son, you better say your prayers
                               F      E
Got a noose that fits you and some gallow stairs
    Am   Am/G                    E
And by this time tomorrow you won't be alive
Am         Am/G    F
Soon we'll be giving you 10,000 volts"
E                           Am
And I said, "Make that twenty five"

The firing squad have got me right in their sights
Got me strapped up tightly with some dynamite
And I hear the executioner has got a brand new kink
He's giving me cyanide to breathe and strychnine to drink

    F     C/B  Am
So dress me in chains and bind me in shackles
    F        C/B  Am
The last thing you'll hear is my cold hearted cackle
    F      C/B   Am    D       G
The last thing you'll see is my twisted leer
      C   C7    F         E             Am
I'm a condemned man and I'll never get out of here

    G          D             F         C
The searchlight's sweeping up from the prison tower
    G        D            F         C
The clock is creeping up to the midnight hour
    G        D       F       F      F         C
Outside they're wailing, "Repent, repent, repent, and believe"
       C7        F                      E
There's a telephone ringing but no chance of reprieve

All you straight shooters and God fearing dolts
      Am    Am/G    F       E
Can be scared rigid by electrical volts
   F  C/B   Am        D     G
But I can't be killed by any regular means
   C      C7    F       E                     Am
Or I'll come back to haunt you and visit your dreams
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