• Song:

    From A Whisper To A Scream

  • Artist:

    Elvis Costello

  • Album:


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Tom: E5

Intro:  E5  D5  A5  F#5

              E5 (alternate between E5 & E5 )
Oh it's not easy to resist temptation
Walking around looking like a figment of somebody else's imagination
Taking ev'ry word she says just like an open invitation
        A5                         F#5
But the power of persuasion is no match for anticipation

       E5              Bb5      A5 E5
Like a finger running down a seam
E5                   Bb5   A5  E5
From a whisper to a scream
E5    D5
So I whisper and I scream
A5         E5   D5    E5    D5  E5
But don't get me wrong
D5            A5           B5
Please don't leave me waitin' too long
Waitin' too long
Waitin' too long
Waitin' too long
      E5 D5 E5
   D5     E5     D5  E5
Oh oh oh oh oh
E5     D5   E5 (alternate between E5 & E5 )
Oh if the customers like it then they'll keep on paying
If they keep on drinking then they'll end up staying
I heard someone say where have we met before
        A5                                 F#5
But the one over the eight seem less like one or more like four
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