• Song:

    Im In The Mood Again

  • Artist:

    Elvis Costello

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(Elvis Costello)

A               A7
     Hail to the taxis?
D7               Bm7
     They go where I go?
A                    A7                    D                E
     Farewell the newspapers that know more than I know?
A                      Ab7       C#m7           F#m7          
     Flung under a street-lamp still burning at dawn?
Bm7                E    C#m7
    I'm in the mood again
A                 A7          D7         Bm7
    I walk the damp streets rather than slumber?
A                    A7                    D                  E
    Along past the fine windows of shameless and plunder?
A                      Ab7      C#m7           F#m7          
    But none of their riches could ever compare?
Bm7                E         E5+
    I'm in the mood again
F#m7                            Gm7
    I don't know what's come over me?
           C                             F7
But it's nothing that I'm doing wrong?
Am7                             Bbm7          
    You took the breath right out of me?
              Eb                       Ab           E
Now you'll find it in the early hours In a lover's song

A             A7              D7         Bm7
    I lay my head down on fine linens and satin?
A                       A7                D             E
    Away from the mad-hatters who live in Manhattan?
A                      Ab7      C#m7           F#m7          
    The Empire State Building illuminating the sky?
Bm7                       F7         Bm7           E         A7
    I'm in the mood, I'm in the mood, I'm in the mood again.

Capo on first fret (Bb)
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