• Song:

    Shot With His Own Gun

  • Artist:

    Elvis Costello

  • Album:


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Tom: Am

Intro: Dm  Am  Dm  Am

Am                          F      C
How does it feel now you've been undressed
     Dm         C             G      C
by a man with a mind like the gutter press
E       Am         D         G      D
So disappointed to find it's no big sin
G     D       G     G#?
Lying skin to skin
Little Riff:
Dm   Am   Dm  Am       (lil riff)
Shot with his own gun
Dm  Am  Dm Am       (lil riff)
Now dad is keeping mum
Dm   Am           C      (end riff)  
Shot with his own gun    e--0-0-0--1---
Ab  F#  Ebm         F#          D           D+ Bb   F
Now somebody has to pay for the one who got away
Am                        F        C
What's on his mind now is anyone's guess
Dm         C          G       C
Losing his touch with each caress
E              Am              D    G
Spending ev'ry evening looking so appealing
   D             G
He comes without warning
D              G   G#?
Leaves without feeling

Ab F#   Ebm                F#            D             D+ Bb   F
On your marks, man, ready, set Let's get loaded and forget
Am                      F      C
The little corporal got in the way
    Dm     C          G        C
And he got hit by an emotional ricochet
E          Am            D           G
It's a bit more now than dressing up dolly
D       G           D       G  G#?
Playing house seems so melancholy


Ab F#   Ebm           F#             D                D+  Bb   F
Oh it's too sad to be true your blue murder's killing you
**Instrumental Interlude
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