• Song:

    Help Me Make It Through The Night

  • Artist:

    Elvis Presley

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Hey, start this off with the intro and if you listen to Elvis' song you'll be able
to play along!!!Oh and i'd like to say that this is for my girlfriend,Anna Markova
from Glen Pettifer (mrpitiful)

Intro: Em, Am, A7, D

Verse 1:
Take the ribbon from your hair,
D                        G   
Shake it lose and let it fall,
Em                       A  
Laying soft agaisnt your skin,
A7                   D  
Like a shadow on the wall.

Verse 2.
Come and lay down by my side,
D                       G
Till the early morning light,
Em                     A
All i'm takin' is your time,
A7                          D  
Help me make it through the night.

D      D7                  G
I dont care whats right or wrong,
G                   D
I wont try to understand,
D7                   E 
Let the devil take tomorrow,
E                    A      A7
Cos tonight i need a friend.

Verse 4.
A7                    D
Yesterday is dead and gone,
D                    G 
And tomorrows out of sight,
Em                  A
And its sad to be alone,
A7                          D 
Help me make it through the night.
Em                 A 
I dont want to be alone,
A7                         D
Help me make it though the night.

If you know the song and have Elvis' version play along and it'll fit nicely!
If u have any questions mail me on glenpettifer@yahoo.com
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