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    I Never Got To See The West Coast

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    We Do What We Want (Del...

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Tuning: Drop C# (Drop D, half step down)

Forgive the chord names, I tried to keep it simple.

    A  Ab   Eb  F F2 F3  E   C#(h) C#  C    B   Bb

A             Ab        Eb
    So is it courage or strength
        F            F2      F3
and is that what I'm waiting for?
A          Ab          Eb
If I could just kill myself
          F    F2       F3
would it also kill the remorse?
A            Ab       Eb
I wanted so badly to catch a break
        F     F2     F3
but I'm only breaking down.
A                    Ab
I'm still here and standing
but if it's up to me
   F  F2  F3      A Ab       Eb
I don't think I'll be hanging around

The drink slips down my throat
and the burn cures nice and slow.
        F                                  Eb
All the worst parts I wouldn't want you to see
The only parts left of me
Now, here I am
Just a kid without a better plan.
               Ab                              F
But it's the simple thoughts that haunt me the most.
I never got to see the west coast

A C# A C# A C# Eb
A C# A C# A C# Eb

A          Ab               Eb
Spent my nights just asking why
      F        F2          F3
Would God let me become like this.
A        Ab             Eb
Was it a joke from the start?
       F            F2   F3
Was I suppose to laugh more at it?
A               Ab                        Eb
And everyone's quoting their teachers and preachers
          F           F2   F3
but their words make me feel so alone.
A      Ab                     Eb
No one ever says that they've had those thoughts
        F      F2   F3
in the middle of the night.
A      Ab                    Eb
No one ever admits that they wanted to take their life.


A C# A C# A C# Eb

But it's the life I dreamed I'd have
The love I've found in my grasp
     B                        Bb
The words I could share with someone.
Those thoughts keep the breath in my lungs
That tomorrow my hope will become
    B                         Bb
to feel a love that can't be undone.
     A       Ab        Eb
And save a wretch like me.


A C# A C# A C# Eb

End on A
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