• Song:

    Wide Awake

  • Artist:

    Emi Fujita

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My first tab! I played this on the ukulele so I'm not too sure if it will sound good on a guitar..

     Am         Dm      G     C
The dawn breaks slowly in the east

   Am    Dm        G
as day defeats the night

    Am   Dm      G          C
The echo of your voice that greets

    F      Dm      G
The feeble morning light

       C    G            Am     G
Is the only answer to my silent prayer

Dm                        G
And the promises I never make

        C      G              Am     F
You are always with me you're always there

      Dm                G       Am
In my dreams though I am wide awake

(same chord progression for the next two verses of the song)

And sometimes a forbidden glance
Will give my heart away
The light that kindled our romance
May flicker through the gray
All the gold and silver at the rainbow's end
All earthly goods I will forsake
For each shooting star - a wish I send
And I dream - though I am wide awake

You were the rolling tidal wave
That swept my barren shores
If you will let me share your day
My life's forever yours
I will never understand the reason why
We fail to learn from our mistakes
I will wait for you as the days go by
With my dream though I am wide awake
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