I told ya'll mothaf***as I was comin back
What now nigga what now what
You's the projects nigga

[Chorus- Eminem]
One shot two shot three shot four shot
All I hear is gunshots this is where the fun stops
Bodies drop hit the floor music's off
Parties stop, everybody hit the door somebody's lickin shots off

[Verse 1- Bizarre]
You bitches is gone I'm dropped in the club
And I'm tryna run and get my mothaf***in gun
[nigga what about your wife]
nigga f*** my wife I'm tryna run and save my mothaf***in life
Oh shit the shooter's comin
Bitches, hoes niggas is runnin
People shot all over the floor
And I'm tryna make it to the St. Andrew's door
Thats the sound of the glock
Even DJ ??? f***ed around and go shot
I done messed around and forgot my tec
I don't see no body but Fab Five and Hex

[Verse 2- Kuniva]
[Kuniva you aight]
These niggas is trippin
[Where's Bizarre at?]
I'm tryna slip through the exit and get to where my car is at
Bitches screamin everywhere and niggas is wilin
Two minutes ago we was all jokin and smilin
This chick is clingin onto me sobbin and sighin
Sayin she didn't mean to diss me earlier and she cryin
But its real and its on and cats is gettin killed
So I hugged her and used her body as a human shield
And she got hit now she yellin
[Don't leave me!]
I told her I'd be right back and the dumb bitch believed me
I squeezed through the back door and made my escape
I ran and got my 38 I hope its not to late

[Verse 3- Swifty]
[nigga I been tryna call you all day mothaf***a where you at?]
I'm on seven mile what the f*** was that
Damn somebody hit me from the back
[With they car?]
With a gat nigga and my tire is flat
And I just hit a pole, them niggas some hoes
[Is you hit?]
Iono but I can tell you what they drove
It was a black Mitsubishi wit
[Shit thats the clique we beefin wit I swear]
Man and I was on my way there
Believe me I'm leavin a carcus today
I'ma park my car and walk the rest of the way
I'm in the mood to strut, my AK ain't even tucked
I'ma meet you at the club we gon' f*** these hoes up

[Verse 4- Eminem]
I never seen no shit like this is my life before
People will still camp out from the night before
Sleepin outside the door waitin in line
Still tryna get inside the club to see D12 perform
The fire marshall no, the venue's small
People are wall to wall three thousand and some odd vans
And some come walk from out the parkin lot
Get into an argument over a parkin spot
He's about to pull his gun out and let's a few of 'em off
Missed who he's aimin for six feet away's the door
In St. Andrew's hall not a stray slidin all over the place
Sprays one bitch in the face another one of 'em came through the wall
Before anyone could even hear the first shot go off
I'm posted up at the bar havin a Mozeltoff
Bullet wizzed right by my ear damn near shot it off
Thank god I'm alive I gotta find Denaun
And where the f*** is Von he usually tucks one on him
Wait a minute I think I just saw Bizarre
Nah I guess not, what the f*** oh my god it was
I never saw him run so fast in my life
Look at him haulin ass I think he left his wife
There she is on the ground bein trampled
I go to grab her up by the damn hand and I can't pull her
God damn there just went another damn bullet I'm hit
My vest is barely able to handle it, its too thin
If I get hit again I can't do it, I scoop deep
Follow Bizarre's path and ran through it
And made it to the front door and collapsed on the steps
Looked up and I seen Swift shootin it out
But I can't see who he's shootin it out with
But Denaun's right behind him squeezin his four fifth

[Verse 5- Kon Artis]
It's Friday night came to this bitch right
Big ass to my left and Desert Eagle in my right
I ain't come in this bitch to party I came in this bitch to fight
Although I can't stay here to fight cuz I'm poppin niggas tonight
Thats right bitches I'm drunk with revenge
Shot a bouncer in the neck for tryna check when I get in
Swift told me to meet him here so its clear that this f***a
Shot out the back of his truck goes up in this mothaf***a
So one shot for the money two's to stop the show
Third's for the bartender there's plenty of shots to go
[I just wanna know who's drivin a black mitsubishi]
He tried to run so Proof shot him in the knee wit a three piece

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