• Song:

    On My Way Home

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    A Day Without Rain + Bo...

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Intro: D  D7  G  A  D

D           A   D
I have been given

    Em          A   D
One moment from heaven

        A    D
As I am walking

    Em        A      Em  G  A
Surrounded by night,

D           A    D
Stars high above me

       Em         A    D     C
Make a wish under moonlight.


C     F 
On my way home

I remember

     Dm         Bb    C
Only good days.

C      F
On my way home

    C              Dm        Bb   C
I remember all the best days.

I'm on my way home

I can remember

      Dm       Bb  C
Every new day.

I move in silence
With each step taken,
Snow falling round me
Like angels in flight,
Far in the distance
Is my wish under moonlight


Bridge:  Ab  Abmaj7  Ab  Abmaj7   C#maj7   Cm7  C#maj7  Cm7  Eb  C/E

Abmaj7: xx6543  C#maj7: x46564  Cm7: x35343   C/E: xx2013
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