• Song:

    Come Away

  • Artist:

    Evan C. Earwicker

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E A 

Verse 1: 
                    A   B                  E 
I can see the river run, in the city of my God 
                          A  B  A/C#       B  C#m   B/D#   E 
And the people now they run to bring their of-fer-ing of praise 
                 A  B                       C#m 
But can I steal away for a moment here with You? 
                          A                             B 
I hear a whisper from the throne, let's get away and be alone 
                             A B 
You know I love it when you say 
       A  B                          C#m 
Come away, your invitation now has come 
      A   B                       C#m ( E ) 
Come away, come away and fall in love 
      A   B                   C#m 
Come away, come away and be romanced 
      A   B                     E 
Come away, I am asking for this dance.  

Verse 2: 
Though the earth may fade away Let this passion still remain 
And for the beauty of my friend and King My offering I'll bring 
And we will steal away, for eternity in You 
I hear the love song of my King, He?s crying out for me 
Whispering my name
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