• Song:

    You Will Remain

  • Artist:

    Evan C. Earwicker

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D G D G D G D G 
Verse 1: 
D     /F#  G 
Jesus you are 
   D          /F# G 
My portion and my all 
        Bm              A             G 
In this life and in the life still to come 
        D          D/F#  G 
I have hope in you a - lone 
          D            /F#  G 
You're my shelter from the storm 
      Bm             A              G 
Your faithfulness is like the air I breathe 
 A/C#                   G                  D 
All that I live for and all I desire is in You 
       A/C#                      G                     D 
Though all of my treasures will fade you will always remain. 
          Asus A 
You never change 
          D                       Em7 
When the mountains are shaken and fall to the sea 
     D/F#                  G 
And morning refuses to rise in the East 
Bm         A          G               Asus A 
Still my soul will praise, you will remain (1st to verse 2) 
           D                    Em7 
Though the oceans may no longer carry their waves 
     D/F#                        G 
And heaven and earth, they will both pass away, 
 Bm       A         G                 D    G Asus A 
Still my soul will praise, you will remain  

Verse 2: 

In your mercy show us love 

The faithful kindnesses of God 

Creator of all things, you give us life 

To generations you are strong 

We are blessed to call you our God 

From the corners of the earth your praises rise 
     D/F#     G   A       D             D/F#  G      A  Asus A 
Your faithfulness is my shield, in your mercy I am healed 
?2004 Evan C. Earwicker (Admin. by Unseen Obsession Music) 
All rights reserved. International copyright secured.
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