• Song:

    Your Faithfulness Endures

  • Artist:

    Evan C. Earwicker

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C  Dm7 Gsus G  C  C/B  C/A  G  F  Gsus  G 

Verse 1: 
C          Dm7 
You are more precious than diamonds 
G        C                 C/B   Am7 
You shine brighter than the morning 
         G                F 
Jesus, the beauty of heaven is yours 
    Gsus        G      F 
My exceedingly great reward 
Verse 2: 
D           Em7 
You are the King of Creation 
A/C#    D                  A/C#   Dsus/B 
You stand alone in your splendor 
        D/A               G 
Jesus, the passion of my heart is yours 
    Asus        A      G 
My exceedingly great reward 
     A/C#                    D/F#        G 
Your faithfulness endures to generations of your people 
    A/C#                   D/F#  G 
The greatness of your grace no man can tell 
A/C#          D/F#   Dsus/B    A     G 
Fairest of ten thousand, precious Lamb of God 
      Em  D/F#    Asus 
Can I taste of your love? 
      Em        D/F#          Asus 
Can I stay in the shadow of your love?  

 G       Asus  D/F# 
 G       Asus  D/F# 
 G       Asus 
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