• Song:

    Your Faithfulness Endures

  • Artist:

    Evan C. Earwicker

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C5  D5 G5 G5  C5  C5  C5  G5  F5  G5  G5 

Verse 1: 
C5          D5 
You are more precious than diamonds 
G5        C5                 C5   A5 
You shine brighter than the morning 
         G5                F5 
Jesus, the beauty of heaven is yours 
    G5        G5      F5 
My exceedingly great reward 
Verse 2: 
D5           E5 
You are the King of Creation 
A5    D5                  A5   D5 
You stand alone in your splendor 
        D5               G5 
Jesus, the passion of my heart is yours 
    A5        A5      G5 
My exceedingly great reward 
     A5                    D5        G5 
Your faithfulness endures to generations of your people 
    A5                   D5  G5 
The greatness of your grace no man can tell 
A5          D5   D5    A5     G5 
Fairest of ten thousand, precious Lamb of God 
      E5  D5    A5 
Can I taste of your love? 
      E5        D5          A5 
Can I stay in the shadow of your love?  

 G5       A5  D5 
 G5       A5  D5 
 G5       A5 
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