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    Evan Craft

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Chords used:
    G5       C5      D5      E5
e | --3--- | ---3-- | ---3-- | ---3-- | 
B | --3--- | ---3-- | ---3-- | ---3-- | 
G | --0--- | ---0-- | ---2-- | ---0-- | 
D | --0--- | ---2-- | ---0-- | ---2-- | 
A | --2--- | ---3-- | ---0-- | ---2-- | 
E | --3--- | ---x-- | ---2-- | ---0-- | 

Intro:  G- C- G- D- G5 2x

Well there is something
C5                               G5 - D5     G5
You may not know about me
G5                     C5             G5 - D5    G5
That I?m five giants on the daily
 G5                              C5                 
And they come big and tall and scary
                               G5 - D5    G5
And there?s times they are to many
G5                        C5          G- D5   G5
 But Why can?t I smile confidently
G5                  C5
If everyone did know 

G5                   C5
That the bigger they are 
G5                  D5
The harder they fall
 G5                 C5
If it?s you and me
G5                        D5
We can take them all in all
G5            C5          G5
Have no fear fight alive 
D5             E5      C5
I?m by your side, oh, oh
If everyone did know 
How our giants fall

Intro 2x

G5                         C5
Well measuring my stature 
                   G5 - D5     G5
And my bravery ( Bravery ) 
G5              C5               G- D5  G5  
Well I may not be intimidating 
G5                            C5
But I stand as tall as I am ready 
                     G- D5     G5
Before the giants that?s against me
G5                    C5              G- D5   G5
And I wonder who shouldn?t be smiling 
G5                    C5
If only they did know

Chorus 1x


When I am weak 
He is strong
I am apposed to lose everything 
G5               C5
To gain it all
G5                                C5 
And on the tree where love was slain 
G5                           D5
The rightful king he did acclaim 
G5                             C5
From giants grip my soul was saved 
G5                           D5
Now I can speak  broken and clean

Chorus 2x
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