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    2004-06-04: Rock am Rin...

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Dm (xx0231@1)     
Catch me as I fall         
say you're here and it's all over now            
speaking to the atmosphere                      
no one's here and I fall into myself                     
this truth drives me into madness
I know 

Dm (xx0231@1)                     EI (022100@1)can stop the pain if I will it all away
G (320003@1)  Fif (133211@1)I will it all away

Dm (xx0231@1)  Bb (x1333x@1)  C (x32010@1)D5Don't (xx023x@1)turn away
Bb (x1333x@1)name="chord_320003@1">G         Esus (022200@1)            
don't try to hide
Dm (xx0231@1) Bb (x1333x@1)        C (x32010@1) D5don't (xx023x@1)close your eyes
Bb (x1333x@1)  G (320003@1)           Esus (022200@1)            
don't turn out the light
Dm (xx0231@1)              
I'm frightened by what I see                                  
but somehow I know that there's much more to come        
immobilized by my fear   
and soon to be blinded by tears


DmFallen (xx0231@1)angels at my feet
Ewhispered (022100@1)voices at my ear
Gdeath (320003@1)before my eyes
F (133211@1)          
lying next to me I fear
Dmshe (xx0231@1)beckons me shall I give in

upon my end shall I begin
Am (x02210@1)                                              Aforsaking (x02220@1)all I've fallen for I rise to meet the end

Interlude: see chorus
D5 (xx023x@1)        Aadd11   D5 (xx023x@1)     
Don't turn away
D5 (xx023x@1)        Aadd11              
don't try to hide
D5 (xx023x@1)              Aadd11   D5don't (xx023x@1)close your eyes
D5 (xx023x@1)                Aadd11   
don't turn out the light

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