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 Eve feat. Damian Marley & Stephen Marley - No, No, No
[Album: Scorpion (2001)]

         DmNo, (xx0231@1)No, No
           Dm (xx0231@1)               AmYou (x02210@1)don't love me and I know now
               Em (022000@1)    DmCause (xx0231@1)you left me baby
                      AmAnd (x02210@1)I got no place to go now

         DmNo, (xx0231@1)No, No
        Dm (xx0231@1)          AmI'll (x02210@1)do any thing you say boy
                 Em (022000@1)    DmCause (xx0231@1)if you ask me baby
                          AmI'll (x02210@1)get on my knees and pray boy

[Bridge 2x]
    DmYou (xx0231@1)say that you love me but how could you lie
    DmYou (xx0231@1)say that you love me but why could you lie
    AmHow (x02210@1)could you take my heart and leave me with
I don't know why 

[Eve - rapping]
Yo, yo, yo
Wha'mn, yu nuh si yuh, brown skin
Pretty face, Eve comin at you like Bumba, see you waist
Slim nice and round thing, momma say what a disgrace
Mumma wahn kill her cuz dem lover is a panty chase
A nuh my fault, mih mumma make me go
Most dem lover style, even them say she rude
A nuh lie me a lie, the truth speak tru she
Boy, them make fi luv us still a chat bout me
Ruff Ryder Ryde or Die chat bout we
Ruff Ryder Ryde or Die chat bout we
We, we, we

[Damian Marley]
AmMax (x02210@1)to my respect to my girl I love the best
But when you left me it's like a bullet to my chest
Now I'm not the same, I got a bullet proof vest
DmKnocked (xx0231@1)off my feet I pleaded no contest
Sleepless nights without no sleep or rest
This is ragamuffin, Junior Gong comin' next
AmTake (x02210@1)it no more, I had to make a confess
Sometimes I feel I'm in the Wild, Wild West
Lost the love I had now I live to the death

[Stephen Marley (Damian Marley)]
DmSe (xx0231@1)woman a tell me lie, a give me long story line
Oh, sincerely yours, it could be sincerely mine
But listening to promises what a fool am I
AmCan (x02210@1)somebody tell me? You know all his life
I'm just trying to be friendly, but I'm losing my mind
Mi notice that your moving physically on time
DmUse (xx0231@1)to be rubber ducky late nights no wine
Miss the loveliness of the body old whine
Well, might as well you shoot me with a new cold 9
AmSweet (x02210@1)one above me; is so hard to find
And I know you don't love me, I'm reading the signs
Cause there's no where to go now you've left me behind
Dm(Now (xx0231@1)it's TRUE, TRUE) that I loved you for truth
(TRUE, TRUE) she stick like ankle glue
(TRUE, TRUE) I make your gray skies blue
Am(TRUE, (x02210@1)TRUE) you want me pers-nal boo
Chilling up on the house our love be that strong
DJ's got to plays on the one's and two's

[Chorus (x2)]

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