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    White Men In Black Suits

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    So Much for the Aftergl...

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Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 18:44:29 EST
From: Juggler24@aol.com
Subject: Tabs:Everclear

Song: White Men In Black Suits
Artist: Everclear
Writen By: Art Alexakis/Everclear
Tabbed by: Kooz
E-mail: EatAtMoes@hotmail.com
Note:Their are 2 guitars used in this song

                                 White Men In Black Suits

First guitar: clean- played softly!!!!


Main Riff:

Repeat for most of the song!

Second Guitar: Slight distortion, back-up parts.

Repeats at the end of some lines.



{main part of second guitar}  ? on how many times
it's played exactly

I am just a boy working in a record store. Yes, I moved to San Francisco
just to see what I could be.  I am a loser geek crazy with an evil streak.
Yes, I do believe there is a violent thing inside of me.  She is just a
girl, she's doing what she can.  She dances topless, when she's not playing
in her band.  Such a pretty girl happy in an ugly place, watching all the
pretty people doing lots of ugly things.  I think it's getting better for
the two of us.  Yes, I think it's getting better almost everyday.  I could
give a damn for what those people say.  All I want to do is lose myself in
your room.  All you want is a slowf*** in the afternoon. I still see those
scary guys when I am all alone at night , I kiss the ring you gave me then
I swing with all my might. I think it's getting better for the two of us.
It's getting easier for you and me to agree that the white men in the black
suits they are diminishing.  Yes, I think they are diminishing.  Yes, they
diminsh you, and they diminsh me.  I think they are diminishing. You know
sometimes I hear the people say...  Yeah she takes a bus over to the north
side of the city she goes to work stripping for the rich white men.  All the
words they give to her make her feel so soft and pretty, she wears them but
they never seem to fit. Yes, I think it's getting better for the two of us,
Yes I think it's getting better in the worst way.  I refuse to be afraid of
almost anyone afraid of all the things they do or words that they say. Let's
live the life we want to live and hope they go away.  I really hope they go
away. I really hope they find a nice place, I hope they find it somewhere,
I hope they go away.  I can still hear all those people say.....


                /--------          Sorry I didn't tab it out
                 "Play" /          sooner I just realized how
                 Guitar/           great of a song it is.
                  !!!!/            Let me know if I did anything
                   !!/             Wrong, I did it pretty quickly
                    /              THANX!!!!!

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