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    God Of The Impossible

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(Verse 1)
GJust (320003@1)a boy with a sling and stone
             CBut (x32010@1)the heart of the lion dared him to go
GTo (320003@1)hear the sound of the cynical
       CDie (x32010@1)out with the sound of the giant's fall

G (320003@1)Am.     COh. (x32010@1)     I dare to believe in incredible things
GAm. (320003@1)                    C.                 GOh. (320003@1)     I'm ready to go, ready to go

CHere (x32010@1)I am, Lord send me
    AmI (x02210@1)won't look back 'cause I was made
              GTo (320003@1)be a part of the impossible
             AmYou're (x02210@1)God of the impossible
CHere (x32010@1)I am, Lord send me
     AmI (x02210@1)won't back down 'cause I believe
                      GYou (320003@1)are the God of the impossible
F.        G.                    CHere (x32010@1)I am, Lord send me

(Verse 2)
GEmpty (320003@1)bones and a thirsty soul
CDreaming (x32010@1)for more than the life I had known
GUntil (320003@1)I tasted a burning coal
CMy (x32010@1)guilt was erased, my sin was atoned



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