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    Whitey Ford Sings the B...

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Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 17:29:14 -0400
From: "Rose and Mike Panczenko"  (by way of cal woods)
Subject: e/everlast/ends.crd

Yo this is mike. This is a cool song by everlast called ends. Its from the
album whitey ford sings the blues. This is my own work. Its pretty close if
not totally correct. Its more accurate i think than the other one.

G chord     A minor     Bb7             G7            Am7

-3 -       5         -6                 -3        -open

-3         -5         -6                -3            -1

-4        -5         -7                 -4        -open

-5        -7         -6                 -3            -2

-5        -7         -8                 -5         -open

-3         -5         -6                -3            -x


play G 7x A minor 4x Bb7 1x G7 3x repeat 3 times

on the last time play after G7 play G once.



G 7x Am7 7x play this 8 times

I dont know the solo so get it from the other tab.

Peace, mike.
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