• Song:

    Any Single Solitary Heart

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

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Any Single Solitary Heart 
Cm             Ab           Bb        Eb
You?ve lost at love before, you never closed that door
Ab           F                C#   Bb
This time it hurt you for the last time

Cm        Ab         Bb          Eb
Only the lonely know the pain of letting go
Ab         F                  C#   Bb
Before you say ?No more? take my advice

Bb7      Eb                  Gm
Just ask any single solitary heart
        Ab              Eb
Why the winter night is longer
      G              Cm
How a love can fall apart
Eb                           Ab
Why the world keeps getting colder
Eb         Fm             Bb
Or where a teardrop starts
         Eb                  Gm    Ab
Just ask any single solitary heart

Don?t ask the stars above, they?ve never been in love
They?ll just remind you of the first time
When you had confidence in love?s sweet innocence
Now you have evidence that love can be unkind


by: Jos? Duarte
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