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    Everly Brothers

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A5                              A5
Asleep, oh please let me fall asleep
                        G5                           D5
It's so peaceful when I sleep until morning nothing matters
A5                             A5
Asleep, if I could only fall asleep
                        G5                        D5
It's like heaven when I sleep until morning I forget her

A5                                 A5
I lie awake in my lonely bed in a room without a light
G5                                D5
Tryin? hard to find a dream that gets me through the night
    A5                                        A5
But sleep won't come, it's never there since you're no longer mine
    G5                                                     D5
And sleep is such a precious thing with your memory on my mind


I hate to see the sun go down and face another night
I watch the shadows climb the wall as they try to catch the light

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