• Song:

    Born Yesterday

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

  • Album:

    Heartaches & Harmonies

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Born Yesterday

A5                           G5
Living in the city where the walls have ears
B5                  C5
People judge you by the words they hear
A5                           G5
Shake their heads while they chew your name
B5                      C5
And then they write it on a wall

People see you and they turn their heads
Whisper words you might have said
Point to a spot where you may have bled
Then they write it on a wall

G5                  E5
He lost his mind today, she threw his clothes away
A5                              D5
The love they thought would last just flew away
G5                   E5
She lost her mind today, he threw her ring away
A5                        D5
They act as if they were born yesterday
G5           C5                     G5    C5
And I wonder whose heart hurts the worst
G5            C5                      G5
And who knows whose heart was broke first

No one gives them the love they need
Or helps them through their time of grief
After all, it could be you or me 
We're just human after all


They lost their minds today, they threw their love away
They act as if they were born yesterday...

by: Jos? Duarte
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