• Song:

    From Eden To Canaan

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

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A5         D5        A5          D5 
So sweet, so fine, so gentle and mild
    A5          C#5        F#5       E5
The soul of an angel, the eyes of a child
     A5              D5         A5             C#5          
Well I do love that woman and she feels the same
       D5                A5              E5               A5
She gave someone else her promise I gave someone else my name

         E5                   D5           A5
And from Eden to Canaan it?s many a long mile
       E5      D5             E5          E5   
We are only sojourners just here for a while

So sweet, so fine, her hair so black
She smiled as I passed her I stopped and I turned back
I wish I?d kept moving cause who can I blame
She would never break her promise I would not take back my name


So sweet, so fine, a tear in her eye
I?ll always remember her words of goodbye
You have danced in my heart and I?ll not be the same
Though I?ll never have her promise and she?ll never have my name


by: Jos? Duarte
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