• Song:

    It Only Costs A Dime

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

  • Album:

    Heartaches & Harmonies

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It Only Costs A Dime  

G         C        G      C   G        C          G   
Why don't you ever call me, I know you've got the time
    C      G                      B
I'm always near the phone waiting here alone
   C        D            G     F  C G  F  C G
Oh baby, it only costs a dime

Did you throw away my number or did it slip your mind
There're so many things to say and you're so far away
Oh baby, aren't I worth a dime

C                                               G   F  C G  F  C             
Just the sound of your voice and I can sleep at night
                                                     G G4
Just a word of two from you would make the sun shine bright

Verse 1

by: Jos? Duarte
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