• Song:

    Its Been Nice

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

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I took you out to dinner, then I took you to a show (Yeah)
I had a pocket full of money and I spent all my dough (Yeah, yeah)
      Bb                    Ebm
Now I see that look in your eyes (I get your point? )
       Bb               Ebm
You?re about to say bye bye
                        B                         F#
I don?t wanna hear you say (Goodnight) it?s been nice (I gotta go)
    C#                               F#                   Abm F#
Goodnight (Sleep tight), I gotta get up very early in the morning

Although it?s our first date you know I really had a ball (Me too)
You?re just my kind of chick you?re not too short or too tall (Oh yes I am?)
How can you treat me that way (What kind of girl d?you think I am )
When you know I want to stay


Bb                            Eb7
Don?t try to shake-a-my hand, don?t try to brush me off
   Ab                            C#                    
If I bend over to steal a kiss, don?t make out like you done gotta cough

I don?t wanna call you next Thursday night
And I don?t wanna join the line that forms on the right
I?m so ready and wow
Yeah kissing time?s right now

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