• Song:

    Love Her

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

  • Album:

    Heartaches & Harmonies

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Everly Brothers 
Love Her (1963)
(Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil)

A very beautiful song; not well known, though. Strings, bass, acoustic and 
electric guitars blend, 
creating multi-layered chords that are hard to reproduce with just one guitar. The voicings 
suggested below attempt to recreate the main lines.

[Capo 3rd fret]
Intro: | Gadd9 | G[*1] | G6/add9 | G[*2] |

D/C      C           D/C                  C
   Love her             And tell her each day
D/C                     C               D
     That girl needs to know, tell her so
         C          D            G
Tell her everything I could have said
           Bm             Em               Bm
Like she's one, and she's sweet, and she's fine, ooooh
C                 C/D
Love her             Like I should have
G     G/f#    Em     Em/D    C  D(no3rd)     G

D/C       C    D/C                C
    Hold her     and show her you care
D/C                     C            D
      When her world is blue see her through
      C             D            G
Every time that she needs you be there
       Bm           Em                    Bm
By her side, be the guide that I couldn't be
    C          C/D
And love her
             G     G/f#     Em     Em/D 
Love her for me
       C          C/D
Please love her
             Gadd9   G[*1]   G6/add9   G[*2]   Gadd9    G[*1] 
Love her for me


CHORDS/Special voicings

Gadd9  3-x-0-2-x-x
G [*1]  3-x-0-0-0-x
G6/add9  3-x-0-2-0-0
G [*2]  3-x-0-4-3-x

D/C  x-3-x-2-3-(2)
C/D  x-(0)-0-0-1-0
G/f#  2-x-0-0-0-x
Em/D  (0)-2-0-0-0-0
D(no 3rd)  x-(0)-0-2-3-x

Chords (whole song)

Capo 3rd fret

| Gadd9 | G[*1] | G6/add9 | G[*2] |

Verse 1
| D/C | C | D/C | C |
| D/C | C D | C D | G | 
| Bm | Em | Bm | C | C/D |
| G G/f# | Em Em/D | C D(no3rd) | G | G |

Verse 2
| D/C | C | D/C | C |
| D/C | C D | C D | G | 
| Bm | Em | Bm | C | C/D |
| G G/f# | Em Em/D | C C/D |

| Gadd9 | G[*1] | G6/add9 | G[*2] | Gadd9 | G[*1]|
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