• Song:

    Love Is Where You Find It

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

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D       Eb        D  
Love is where you find it
Eb        D         Eb    D        Eb   D     Eb   D  Eb  
Don?t be blind it?s all around you everywhere
D    Eb         D      Eb           
Take it, take a chance now
       D    Eb            D   Eb           D Eb   D  Eb  
For romance now, tell the someone that you care

F                  Gm                F                Gm
Spring love comes upon you when it?s gone you feel despair
F                  Gm               Cm7                        A7
Soon though in the moon glow you?ll find that a new love is there

Love is where you find it
Fate designed it to be waiting everywhere

Dm                      Gm
It may hide from you for a while
Dm                    Gm
It may come tonight in a smile


by: Jos? Duarte
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