• Song:

    Oh True Love

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

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G5                                  E5
Oh oh true love, I?m glad that I found you
C5                       G5              D5
True love, I needed you so, needed you so
      G5                          E5
Oh oh true love, with my arms around you
    C5                         G5     C5          G5
Our true love will mellow and grow, mellow and grow

Oh oh never, I never will leave you
For ever, I?ll call you my own, call you my own
No oh new love could cause me to leave you
?Cause true love, I?m your love alone and you?re mine alone

A5                 B5 
Baby you?re great, baby you?re keen
C5              D5                       E5
Baby all of my friends are just about green with envy
   A5                E5                  A5       A5         D5   
If ever there was a love that naturally makes a dream come true
Baby it?s you

Yes it?s you love, for me for ever
I?m through love with dreamin? alone, dreamin? alone
Oh oh true love, I know there was never
A true love as sweet as our own, as sweet as our own
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