• Song:

    Poor Jenny

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

  • Album:

    Greatest Hits

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                              "Poor Jenny"
                   (Boudleaux Bryant - Felice Bryant)


	Bb    Eb Bb    Eb Bb    Eb F7
	/ / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

Verse 1:

	   Bb                        Gm
	I took my little Jenny to a party last night
	   F#                        Ebm
	At ten o'clock it ended in a heck of a fight
	      B                           Bb          Gm
	When someone hit my Jenny she went out like a light
	C7      F7
	   Poor Jenny

Verse 2:

	And then some joker went and called the cops on the phone
	So everybody scattered out for places unknown
	I couldn't carry Jenny so I left her alone
	C7  F7       Bb
	        Poor Jenny

Bridge 1:

	      Bb            Ab             Bb         Ab  Bb
	Well, Jenny had her picture in the paper this morning
	   She made it with a bang
	   C             Bb            C         Bb  C
	According to the story in the paper this morning
	 F [N.C.]                 F7
	Jenny is the leader of a teenage gang

Verse 3:

	Jenny has a brother and he's hot on my trail
	Her daddy wants to ride me out of town on a rail
	I hope I'll be around when Jenny gets out of jail
	C7  F7       Bb
	        Poor Jenny

[repeat intro]

Verse 4:

	I went downtown to see her, she was locked in a cell
	She wasn't very glad to see me, that I can tell
	In fact, to tell the truth she wasn't looking too well
	Poor Jenny

Verse 5:

	Her eye was black, her face was red, hair was a fright
	It looked as though she'd been a-cryin' half of the night
	I told her I was sorry, she said "get out of sight"
	Poor Jenny

Bridge 2:

	It seems a shame that Jenny had to go get apprehended
	A heck of a fate
	This party was the first one that she ever had attended
	It had to happen on our very first date

[repeat verse 3]

[repeat intro; fade]

-- another ace 50's tab from Andrew Rogers
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