• Song:

    Some Hearts

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

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The last time I saw her 
She still had that same sad smile on her face
She said ?love was for fools? 
But admitted right then there was nothing to take its place
She looked liked nobody?s child, lost in the woods
Cm                              Fm
She seemed to be realizing what she already knew
Bbm                                               Eb
Sometimes love flies away even though you?ve been good

The first thing I noticed 
Was the flash of blonde hair and the hint of blue eyes
We spoke just a few words, 
The next thing I heard she?s moved twenty times
I didn?t follow but I didn?t stay
My heart went with her tt?s with her today
But love goes up in flames ehen she?s in a mood

Bbm  Cm          C#          Eb          Fm  
Some hearts will break, some hearts will mend
Bbm  Cm          C#         Cm          Eb  
Some hearts just take, some hearts just give
Bbm  Cm          C#        Eb          Fm  
Some hearts will die, some hearts just live
Bbm      Cm     C#      Cm     Eb  
But some hearts fall in love again

I knew it, I knew it, from the very first, I knew it
Ab                   Eb
I saw it, I felt it, she knew it too
We found it, we?ve got it, we?ve wrapped our world around it
Bb                                          Eb                    Ab  
Love?s sweet illusions sometimes can be the love you dreamed come true


Just when the daylight seems dark as the night
Someone will come along and turn on the lights
And let love in, where it?s never been before
Some hearts are worth waiting for?

by: Jos? Duarte
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