• Song:

    The First In Line

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

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From: rickl1@IX.netcom.com (rick)
Subject: CRD: The First In Line    The Everly Brothers    Chords/Lyrics
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 06:38:04 GMT

The Everly Brothers  The First In Line  written by Paul Kennerley

Dave Edmunds    guitar
Albert Lee      guitar
Terry Williams  drums
John Giblin     bass
Pete Wingfield  piano
Phil Donnelly   guitar
Gerry Hogan     steel guitar

C             G        D       G
They say that you have found a love
    C     D             G
And maybe it's strong enough
G                   Em         C
But should you ever change your mind
      G   D            G
Let me be the first in line
G                   D        G
For I would give my heart to you
       C    D        G
With a love pure and true
                  Em              C
And it would last till the end of time
           G D            G
So let me be the first in line
        C                        G
If your new love should make you blue
        C             D
And you want somebody who
               G      Em         C
Will treat you tender treat you kind
       G  D            G
Let me be the first in line


G          D            G
If someday he sets you free
G           C   D             G
I pray that you will consider me
G             Em         C
I would you  all that is mine
            G      D        G
Just let me be the first in line
               D       G
Let me be the first in line

>From The Everly Brothers "EB 84"
Mercury Records
Rondor Music/Irving Music(BMI)
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