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Inro A5 F#5 D5 F5
B | -----------7-7-7-5-6-6-----
G | -2-2-2-4-6---------7-7-6-6-

B | ------------- | -----12-10---------- | 
G | -(b9)7-11-(b9)7-6 | (2x)-------11-(b9)7-6- | 

B | -----------12-10-
G | -(b9)7-6-4-2-------

A5     F#5    D5            F5           
Got a ticket to a one way train wreck
A5       F#5          
We fell off track
  D5                F5         
Before we left the station
F#5          E5                  D5       
And when the flames come pouring out
You will find us
F#5       E5              D5         
We'll be standing all around,
Picking up the pieces

A5            E5           
This is just broken love
D5          F#5   E5         
To hard to care enough
A5              E5             
So when you've had too much
D5                F#5     E5         
You gotta, gotta give it up

( A5 D5 A5 D5 A5 D5 A5 E5 )

A5       F#5           
We're a car crash,
  D5              F5              
An accident with broken glass
A5       F#5                
We're a brain wreck,
  D5              F5             
A parachute that won't eject
F#5      E5                D5           
So let's leave this mess behind,
Just to save us
F#5      E5               D5            
We could strike this fire down,
But leave the sparks between us



Got a ticket...

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