• Song:

    She Aint Ready

  • Artist:

    Every Body Duck

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To play this with the CD, you'll have to tune all the strings down one 
Intro:  G5 C5 G5 C5 
                   G5                    G5              C5     D5 D5 
VS. 1: Hey maybe I should talk to you cause you're in orbit 
                G5             G5                   C5    D5 D5 
and now things are harder to figure out. 
     G5                G5             C5                 D5                 D5 
It may be her music or the abuse, she's bored with me too. 
          G5                     G5              C5          D5           D5 
And Jesus, with arms open, He receives us when we ain't ready. 

                                       G5   C5                            
CHORUS: Who knows, it may be all these things, 
    G5  C5 
It may be, hey I'm not sure. 
        G5 C5                                         
Hey maybe, she don't need anybody 
            G5  G5  E5 D5               C5 
But she do, do, do, she do, do, do 

                 G5            G5                             C5 
VS 2: And lately she makes like a doll on Sundays 
           D5    D5 
keeps God so far away. 
              G5                                  G5 
And the flowers like petals from heaven, 
                     C5            D5                 D5  
she smells forgiveness, but she ain't ready. (Chorus) 
Any questions or comments, just email me. Have fun!
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