• Song:

    Suzys Diet

  • Artist:

    Every Body Duck

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G5        A5                 C5                 G5 
Suzy has decided that it's time to lose some weight 
       G5                        A5                C5              G5 
So she resolved to choose with caution just what foods go on her plate 
           G5                   A5              C5               G5 
She bought chocolate milkshake power that she drinks 3 times a day 
          G5                  A5         C5            G5 
And once a week a piece of frozen diet cheesecake is okay. 
     G5              A5                 C5              G5 
But despite all of her efforts Suzy's weight won't go away 
                G5           A5               C5              G5 
Cause she works 30 hours a week at Sam's all-you-can-eat buffet 
        C5      G5              D5      A5 
Well I live my life just like Suzy's diet 
     C5                 G5                 D5             A5 
I surround myself with things I vowed to give-up and I like it. 
       C5       G5              D5      A5 
Yes I live my life just like Suzy's diet 
      C5                   G5               D5 
Good intentions can't survive in bad surroundings  
where you just can't help but try it 
G5          A5 
Suzy is discouraged....... 
G5              A5 
Suzy's biggest problem ... 
(C)  Rugged Records 
     1996  Christian Cake and Gospel Punch Music (BMI)
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