• Song:

    The Cure

  • Artist:

    Every Body Duck

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        Em                           C 
Who can say just why all this happened 
             Em                            G    D 
They?d been friends almost all of their of their lives 
        Em                  C       
Sharing all that they had no matter the cost 
          G             D          Em 
But one chose to be selfish this time 
You see the other contracted a sickness  
       Em                        G   D 
All the doctors just threw up their hands 
               Em                 C 
His life was ticking away but his friend just stood by 
        G          D       Em 
Like a spectator up in the stands 
          Em                     C        
What was crazy was he had the answer 
     Em                         G   D 
To remove all his brother?s disease 
         Em                 C                            G        
But he folded his arms and talked of old times while his best friend  
D             Em 
died without peace 
           G              C 
Well he?s keeping the cure  
   Am                    Em 
So afraid that a little might spill 
Well he?s sure glad he?s got it but he?s too busy to share 
      C                      Am7 
and at least he won?t die like they will 
           Am              C            Em       (repeat Verse intro) 
Well he?s keeping the cure... in his pocket   
        Em                  C 
You see he?d also been sick earlier 
        Em                  G  D 
To the sickness he?d become a slave 
        Em                   C 
But one came to his aid with solutions in hand  
       G              D            Em 
He was rescued from the sting of the grave 
In the first month he?d told all his buddies 
            Em                  G  D 
Of the wonderful cure he had found 
       Em                C 
But it became routine and few shared his joy 
      G            D       Em 
So his excitement made less of a sound 
      Em                       C 
Well he realized more people were dying 
        Em                        G    D 
From the plague for which he had the cure 
      Em                        C       
But he wasn?t a salesman, and they?d think he?d impose 
          G           D          Em 
And they?d probably seen it before 
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