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Verse 1:  
Bb5                      Eb5        F5      Bb5  
God only knows what's going on inside of me  
Bb5                             Eb5            F5            Bb5  
This world revolves around everything that's not meant to be  
Bb5                      Eb5      F5      Bb5  
These prison walls are closing fast  
                        Eb5         F5  
It's do or die, get me out of this past.  

Bb5                         Eb5             
There You stand with Your arms wide open  
          G5   F5      Eb5    F5    
You're calling me to You  
Bb5                         Eb5             
I know that Heaven's just one step away  
       G5               F5            Eb5    F5    
As I reach for You, You hold me and say, "I love You"  

Verse 2:  
Bb5                Eb5        F5      Bb5  
I may not always get what I want but I know  
                       Eb5   F5         Bb5  
That You'll give me everything that I need  
                       Eb5            F5      Bb5  
So I'll fall as these walls come crumbling down  
                       Eb5                F5     Bb5  
I cry out. Won't You come down here and rescue me.  


G5                                               Bb5        
I never thought, I never thought that You could move me  
G5                                              Bb5  
I never guessed, I never guessed that You could use me  
the way You do .
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