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C     C7M         F            G         C
   don't talk to me in that familiar way
         C7M            F    G
when the keys are in my hand
C  C7M            F             G           C
don't say that everything is here to stay
             C7M          F   G
and I must try to understand
      C        Am                     Dm7
when I'm trying not to look into your eyes
   G                           C
trying not to listen to your lies
       Am                      Dm7
trying just to keep hold of myself
oh but it's hard
                         C     C7M  F G
when you leave me on the shelf
C   C7M     F
you say  I set a path
for you to follow
C        C7M           F  G
and I've already given in
C    C7M    F
but I only meant for you
to taste not swallow
C     C7M             F           G
where I end is where you must begin

C     Am                      Dm7
  so try not to look into their eyes
G                           C
try not to listen to their lies
     Am                       Dm7
try just to keep hold of yourself
oh I know it's hard
                              C    C7M F G
when they leave you on their shelf
C      C7M
she's such a sweet girl
F            G
free of the taints of this world
C                   C7M
think that's a compliment
       F              G
don't be so full of sentiment
C                        Am
why you worship sweetness
what virtue's there in weakness
being pushed about is nothing much
                 C     C7M F G
to shout about I know
 C     Am                         Dm7
  So...try  not to look into their eyes...
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