Intro (mute the first string)
F/G   G/A   A/B
F/G   G/A   Bb/C
F/G   G/A   A/B
F/G   G/A   E/F#

A/B   E7 (2x)

A/B         E7          A/B            E7
If you ever feel the time to drop me a loving line
C#m9             F#6
Maybe you should just think twice
C#m9           F#6      Cdim7
I don't wait around on your advice

Chorus 2:
Emaj7                     Ebm7     Ab7+5   Ab7
You tell me I can go this far, but no more
Emaj7                 Ebm7      Ab7+5   Ab7
Try to show me heaven and then slam the door
Emaj7                  Ebm7   Ab7+5    Ab7
You offer shelter at a price much too dear
C#m9                        F#6             F#7+5
And your kind of love's the kind that soon disappears 

A/B   E7 (2x)

A/B               E7          
So don't brag how you have changed
A/B               E7
And everything's been rearranged
C#m9                   F#6
I thought all that was over and done
C#m9                          F#6      Cdim7
But I still get the same from each and everyone

Chorus 2:
Emaj7                     Ebm7
Being kind is just a way to keep me
Ab7+5   Ab7
Under your thumb
Emaj7                     Ebm7
And I can cry because that's something
Ab7+5   Ab7
We've always done
Emaj7                       Ebm7
You tell me I'm free of the past now and
Ab7+5     Ab7
All those lies
C#m9                        F#6           F#7+5
Then offer me the same thing in a different guise 

F#m   Abm   Gm
F#m   Abm   C#dim7(?)
F#m   Abm   Gm
F#m   Abm   Cdim7

Repeat chorus 1

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