• Song:

    Come What May

  • Artist:

    Ewan Mcgregor

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heres the first verse and chorus, the rest of the song uses the same chords,
play it on Piano as well if you know it, it sounds great. -AJ-

[C] Never knew i could [D] feel like this,
[F] like I've never seen the [C] sky before [G].
[Am] Want to vanish in [D] side your kiss,
[F] everyday i love you [C] more and [G] more.
[Am] Listen to my heart can you [D] hear it sing?
[F]Telling me to give you [C] every[G]thing.
[Am]seasons may change [D] winter to spring.
But i [C] love you until the [F] end [G] of time [C].

[E]Come what [Am] may
Come What [D] day.
I will [C]love you until my [F] dyi[G]ng day.[C]

suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
suddenly my life doesnt seem such a waste.
I know with arms around you.
and theres no mountain to high,
no river too wide.
sing out this song and ill be there by your side.
storm clouds may gather and stars may collide
but i love you 
until the end of time
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