• Song:

    Give Me One More Chance

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    American Legends

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Won?t you give me one more chance 
Maybe we can make a little romance 
No reason why you and me  
      C5                            G5    
Can?t get it back together like it used to be 
Gimme, gimme, gimme just another try 
If I can?t have you I?m gonna die 
G5                C5  
Give me one more chance 
D5                G5 
Give me one more chance  

         G5                  D5  G5 
Do you remember how we used to be 
        C5             G5 
When we had a love so true 
            G5                     G5  G5 E5 
You were my confidant, I was your closest friend 
A5                     D5 
Someone I could always turn to 
Then like a fool I let you slip right through my hands 
C5                 G5 
Oh I let you get away 
    G5                             G5   G5 E5  
Now I?ve come runnin? back hoping you will let me 
G5            D5         G5 
Back in your heart someday 
I?m so alone here without your touch 
And it seems like a lifetime to me 
Oh darlin? can?t you see right now I know 
How wrong one man can be 
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