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Band: Exodus
Song: The Toxic Waltz
Bassist: Rob McKillop

Tab by: ++ ARCLIGHT ++

Tuning: Standard (E,A,D,G)

I return with my second tab from the thrash group "Exodus." The Toxic Waltz is in my
one of Exodus's best songs and one of the more notable ones. I've found a bass tab for this
on this site and on two other popular ones which were not even close. I did this one by 
my self and and I'm confident enough to say it's most likely spot on. I picked the
apart leisurely over the course of a couple hours a day and so here it is, the most 
"online" bass tab currently for this song.

(the two 2's 3's and 4's need to be played a little faster than the rest)

Verse 1


Verse 2

|----------------------------------------------|    Repeat entire verse once

Verse 3
                                Repeat this x4

Start all over again.

This is technically the intro, but in all reality the intro is the song for the bass
'cause it's only a repeat of what I have written.There are some very slow parts at the end
the song and if you've listened to the song even the most inexperienced bass player 
be able to figure those out. The fun fast parts are what I've just wrote down for you.

As always your pace must be excellent, so listen to the song and make sure you match it.


Have fun and feel free to rate my tab!
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