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Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman 

          E            Bm           D           A               E  
Won’t you rise for the hangman, his pleasure is that you should rise
                       Bm          D          E   Bm  A  D E  
He’s the judge and the jury at the jester’s assize
                 Bm           D       A              E  
Poor Will on the gallows tree never a cruel word did say
          Bm                  D            E    Bm  A  D E
Oh that a young man should be treated this way

F#m       F#        Bm                 F#m         A       E
Run to me mother of anyone’s child and tell me the revelry planned
F#m        F#          Bm                     F#m         A           E
Judges and barristers, clerks at the law, his show is the best in the land
F#m                   A        E           F#m          A            E
Here’s a toast to the Jolly Hangman, he’ll hang you the best that he can
F#m                   A        
Here’s a toast to the Jolly 

Instrumental: Em  D  C  Bm  A  G    F#m Abm A   F#m Abm A Bm

No purse for a champion, no true love come over the stile
The debt of a poor man, he’ll pay in awhile
Poor ladies, poor gentleman, born of a sorry degree
Will you laugh for the hangman when he comes for his fee?       


by: José Duarte
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