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Title: If I'm Not In Love
Artist: Faith Hill
Album: Breathe
Year: 2001

transcribed by: Greg Richards
contact info: iceman_greg@yahoo.com

Intro: G  D  Em  D  C  D

Verse One:
G              D        Em
If I'm not in love with you

                  D      C         D
What is this I'm going through,  tonight

G                   D     Em
And if my heart is lying then

What should I believe in

C            G      C           G               C
Why do I go crazy, everytime I think about you baby

               G             A7sus4 A7
Why else do I want you like I do

C              D         G
If I'm not in love with you

Instrumental: D  Em  D  C  D

Verse Two:
G               D         Em
And if I don't need your touch

              D       C        D
Why do I miss you so much,  tonight

G                 D       Em
If it's just infatuation then

Why is my heart aching

C              G      C             G                 C
To hold you forever, give a part of me I thought I'd never

               G               A7sus4 A7
Give again to someone I could lose

C              D         G
If I'm not in love with you

Oh why in every fantasy

   G                   Em
Do I feel your arms embracing me

Am7         D          G
Lovers lost in sweet desire

Oh why in dreams to I surrender

E             E7
Like a little baby

Am7             C
Someone help explain this feeling

Am7 Em   C   D
Someone tell me


Outro: D  Em  D  C  D   G
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