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This is the first song on Fernando's "hymns of worship" cd

Pass me Not

Verse 1:
G   Cmaj7            G	    D	            Em>cmaj7     G       Cmaj7
Pass me not o gentle savior hear my humble cry---------- while on others 
 	 G      D     Dsus   D     Gno3     
thou art calling do not pass me by

Verse 2:  
G	 C/G	      G     D      Dsus       Em>Cmaj7        G
Let me at a throne of mercy find a sweet re-lief------------- kneeling 
C/G               G>Em   Am    Dsus>D>Gno3
there in Deep contrition help my unbelief


G	C/G	G	 Em	 Dsus>D     Em       C                     
Sav-ior Sav-ior hear my humble cry--------- while on others thou art 

Am	  Dsus>D>G
do not pass me by
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