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        Don't Stop The Dance  -  Bryan Ferry and Rhett Davies

        Transcribed by Luis Ferreira

        Em Dm Am
        Em Dm Am

         Em        Dm                Am
        Mama says truth is all that matters
         Em        Dm           Am
        Lying 'n deceiving is a sin
         Em                 Dm                    Am
        Drifting through a world that's torn and tattered
         Em              Dm                Am
        Every thought I have don't mean a thing

        Mama says love is all that matters
        Beauty should be deeper than your skin
        Living for the moment - lips and lashes
        Will I ever find my way again

        Mama says only stormy weather
        Don't know why there's no sun in the sky
        Footsteps in the dark come together
        Got to keep on moving or I'll die
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