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Intro Am, G, F, G 
      Am, G, F, G 
    Am   G   F..
i love you so 
i always will 
          F       C         Fmaj7         Em7
i look at you and i see the passion eyes of may 
             Am                          G 
oh but am i ever going to see my wedding day 

i was on your side bill 
              Em   A7
when you were losin 
Dm7                 F
i'd never skeem or lie bill 
               Em    A7 
theres been no foolin 
               Dm         Em   F
but kisses and love wont carry me
          Em7      Am7   G   F  
until you marry me bill 
          C          Dm7
i love you so i always will 
            F       C         F         Em
and in your voices i hear a choir of carousels 
             Am                          G 
oh but am i ever goin to hear my wedding bells    wedding bells

*i'm thinking these chords arent as complex as the actual song based on
transcriptions from andrew rogers on some of their other songs, but they
seem to work)
transcribed by mhwkjones
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