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    They Liked You Better W...

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I saw a tab on here that started 77554 but after seeing it live I think the below is a 
more accurate....try it!

I think the tuning on their guitars is tuned down, but this sounds good to me.

I use a Phaser effect on my pedal and it sounds awesome. Credit also to 
who have loads of tabs and even videos

e 10--8-7 -10--8-7----------------------------------------------------|
B ------------------8--7--5----8--7--5--------------------------------|
G --------------------------------------------------------------------|
D --------------------------------------------------------------------|
A --------------------------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------------|

I couldn't do any more of the song, so feel free to take away and add on to etc. You can 
mail me at jeffadams@hotmail.co.uk if you have the rest of this great, mellow song.


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